From notes to insights.

In minutes.

We are working on a service that helps you extract value from written notes (from sales minutes to support tickets) and sum up with the accurate information for each relevant audience (CEO, product team, marketing...)

Take notes once

Write in your usual note taking app or CRM, we are connected with the main ones.

Extract insights

Automatically extract insights for each of your audience: the CEO, sales team, marketing team, product team, ...

Write automatically

Share relevant insights with the perfect copy for your selected audience.

Are you in search of lost time? Are you a sales person?

We are busy building the alpha version of and we are looking for heavy notes taker to help us. Take this call & fill the form ?

We are passionate about future of work!

We believe in the potential of AI to become your own assistant and help you save time to focus on things that matter the most.

Olivier Courtois

Co-founder & Product

Thomas Goubin

Co-founder & Ops

Hugo Piévic

Co-founder & Tech

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